Our Plans Are Upgrading Soon

Here’s all the information you need to know to activate your upgrade AND save 10% or more.

You have until 8/31 to upgrade your plan for an 9/1 start date.

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Top 6 Plan Upgrades

1) No limits or maximum payouts: There are no more limits on the number of in-network doctor visits, labs and imaging services, or prescriptions the plan will cover.
2) Expanded PPO network: Even more providers are now in-network.
3) New Care Coordination service: You’ll have access to our dedicated Care Coordination team – this is your white glove service that will assist you with scheduling anything from imaging to major procedures and more. When you use this service, your copays and out-of-pocket costs are waived. Your care will be free!
4) Lower out-of-pocket costs: Currently, you pay a set amount (your IUA) per incident when you have an emergency or expensive procedure. You’ll now pay that same set amount just once per plan year for emergencies and expensive procedures (including maternity), no matter how many incidents you have in the plan year.
5) Lower copays: If you’re on our Advanced or Copay plan, you’ll enjoy lower Rx copays.
6) Improved mental health care: We’re partnering with Talkspace to bring you high-quality, virtual mental health services.

Plan Upgrade Comparisons

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Plan Upgrade Consent

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Next, follow the instructions after submitting to cancel your old plan with our previous administrator.


Yes, Clearwater is still your broker! You may have received an email from Planstin stating otherwise, but that is untrue.

No, you can choose not to upgrade to our improved plans. In this case, you will no longer be a Clearwater customer and you will remain with Planstin. Plan upgrades will not apply.

Your new plan will begin on September 1, and your old plan will end effective August 31. You will not experience a lapse in coverage when you follow our two-step upgrade process.

Our mission always has been and continues to be to deliver the best plans at the best price to our agents and customers. With the experience of working with a variety of carriers over the years, we’ve gathered feedback from our customers and data from claims that we’ve used to research how we can create plans that deliver better benefits for the same or lower cost. Browse the materials listed on this page to learn more about the upgrades and how they are improving your plan.

No, as long as you follow our simple two-step process to avoid getting billed twice. Sign the consent form on this page, and then follow the instructions to cancel your old plan with Planstin.

Please contact us:

  • Email us – planhelp@clearwatersavings.com
  • Text us – (512) 489 7141