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Our plans are built for the self-employed and 1099 employees – don’t settle for low-quality healthcare.

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Set copays for routine visits, preventive care included, and savings on prescription drugs – what’s not to love?


The Basic plan is for those looking to lower their monthly healthcare costs but still enjoy low copays for some services.

HSA – Eligible

Lower your monthly costs, but keep the coverage and protection from large medical expenses.

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How it works

Created for self-employed professionals, our proven solutions combine the most valuable benefits with the largest network – at the most affordable price:

Supplemental insurance available

Whether you’re looking to stay up to date with your annual appointments, like teeth cleanings and vision check-ups, or financial security in the wake of an unexpected health emergency, we’ve got you covered.

Clearwater offers supplemental insurance plans, including dental, vision, critical illness, and much more.

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Clearwater Benefits has helped so many realize the potential for high-quality healthcare that fits their needs. Will you be next?

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Saved $20,000 in 2022

From our first contact with Clearwater to finalizing our plan for us, the service has been professional and all of our questions answered. We are confident we have made the right decision to have the best affordable healthcare options!

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Better care. Better cost.


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Out-of-pocket savings

*Estimate is based on an average of annual data and will not apply to every individual customer.

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