HSA Plans

Low monthly cost, high annual savings.

Save money on income taxes and minimize healthcare spending with a Health Savings Account.

The benefits of the HSA Plan

Expanded PPO network

Care Coordination services

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Who is the HSA Plan for?

For those who rarely use their health benefits outside of preventative needs, a Health Savings Account (HSA) is a great way to minimize your annual spend on healthcare.

Members who select the HSA Plan use their personal health savings account to pay for day-to-day needs like doctors, prescriptions, and diagnostics.

Plus, with our expanded PPO network and Care Coordination services, you’ll always be able to find a provider that can help you.

Hear what other HSA members have to say

Hear from members who have had their coverage needs met with the HSA Plan.

As a self-employed person, I have found it difficult to find affordable health insurance. Through Clearwater Benefits I was able to find an affordable and comprehensive health insurance. What’s more, I was able to contribute to a health savings account. I am grateful I found an affordable healthcare plan.

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Alex Llamas

Licensed Realtor

We are paying less, keeping the same doctors, and have equal or exceeded benefits from what we had in the marketplace. Best of all, we are saving money, which made contributing to our HSA and including both dental and vision benefits even easier. Thanks Clearwater for giving us a great option without sacrifice!

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Missy Yost

Licensed Realtor

Better care. Better cost.


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